Art Name that game with a twist. AI Art

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Hmm, I want to play that game! :D

Mass Effect?
Yeah, I went to a chat bot and told it to give me a sentence about Mass Effect 2 for Stable Diffusion, and it gave me about 4 lines of stuff that included romance with Miranda. I just pasted it in. Apparently, Stable Diffusion thought, "Yeah, I don't know what all this crap means, but I've seen pictures of Miranda...."

The other 3 pictures were all of Miranda, but harder to identify.

I used a chatbot because I'm bad at this, but the chatbot is apparently even worse.
Its a bit of a Red Herring but the other ones I got ...

Hmm, I don't know. This one looks like Frostpunk, but the first one doesn't seem like it could be from the same game. I actually haven't played either game that I guessed, but I watched Guido in Apex and Maggie had a yellow costume on, but that was probably just a skin he had. I don't think you advance far enough in Frostpunk to have a city like in the first picture, so....dunno.