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Hey guys!

A few weeks back we had a discussion about AI art in one of the threads. I think it would be cool to have a gaming quiz using AI art. It doesn't have to be a picture taken from the game, but it can be a character from the game, or a place within the game, maybe even with a funny twist to it. First one to guess the game, posts the next one. It might be hard to separate sequels in a series, so getting the series right should be the correct answer.

There are several ways and apps you can use to make AI art. Personally, I find StarryAI to be easy to use, but you can also do it locally on your computer if you have the setup for it. It's quite taxing on the VRAM, so I would recommend having atleast 8GB.

Easy to use, but limited uses per day. Should still be enough to get started.

Here's how you install Stable diffusion. I have used this a bit, but this is text based without any GUI.

Here is some info on Stable Diffusion with GUI. Just read this thread but haven't tried it myself. Seems like a pretty straight forward installation.
Stable diffusion GUI info

Let's start the game. Which game/series did I have in mind when I made this?

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