Question My High end PC cannot run games as smoothly as I expected

Aug 3, 2020
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Guys, I need an explanation, please. I have RTX 2060 graphics card, Ryzen 7 2700X CPU, 16GB of RAM and 1TB HDD, but and I still cannot run my games at "a high" level, for example, nearly all of my GTA 5 settings need to be set to low in order for me to get target fps (75 fps), and on Call of Dzty Modern Warfare 2019 I have to drop resolution to like 80 if i want to play at 75 fps. I need to lower some graphic settings as well. My PC is very good, 100% rated on PCGameBenchmark (you can see this here:, but still cannot perform at its best. Does anyone of you know the answer to why this is happening? Any solutions? I would appreciate it a lot.
Your PC Sites like PCgamebenchmark are total garbage and should be avoided at all costs.

That said, you're right, your PC should be doing a lot better than it is. :)

Are you gaming at 1080p? Is the in-game resolution set to 1080p?

Do you have any kind of Supersampling turned on? e.g. Nvidia DSR in the control panel. or anti aliasing called SSAA?

What are CPU and GPU temperatures during gaming when you get low performance?
You can use AMD Ryzen Master to check CPU temps and something like MSI Afterburner to check GPU temps.

If you download and run the free (demo version) of Firestrike Timespy
can you link to your score? (link example: )
Aug 3, 2020
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Hello, thanks for a quick reply.
I am using a 2560x1440 monitor. I don't think I have Supersampling turned on. My DSR is off, as well as Anti-aliasing.

The screenshot that you requested is located here.

Here is a video I uploaded to YouTube as unlisted for a better explanation of things. I would appreciate if you could go through it :)
Can you link your Timespy result? As the detailed scores are helpful in showing what's going on.

Also... that screenshot is of my timespy score - we need to see your timespy score. I included the link to help show the sort of thing you might end up with and the kind of web page you should be able to link to with a copy of your own personal result.

Did you understand what I said about downloading 3dmark off of steam (the free demo version on the page I linked), running Timespy, and linking your result? If not I can try to explain differently
As for the video, which I sort of skipped briefly though as I'm afraid I'm not going to sit there for 10 minutes to just absorb info, don't use Nvidia's optimised settings. Geforce Experience;'s 'optimised' settings are pretty well known for being unrealistic.

As for the thing in GTA V where your FPS get capped to 38 it looks like a vsync issue - if your refresh rate is 75hz and you can't maintain 75fps, the game might then run at half of 75hz. Or perhaps vsync is actually set to

You're also playing on strange mixes of settings. For instance in COD:MW your original settings had most things turned down, but some set high, and you had RTX raytracing enabled (!!!). No wonder you had to turn resolution scaling down and everything else to low for that.

Do link your timespy result and check temps as above, but if those all turn out fine the issue could just be that you need to change your settings selection.

Try the default "High" presets in each game and experiment from there.

And don't turn on raytracing.
Aug 3, 2020
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I'm sorry, I don't know how to use this 3dmark thing :/

Oh, and also, here you were talking about my gta 5 issue, but it seems you didn't finish what you were trying to say. You said it was a vsync issue, but how do i solve it?
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It's software that tests your system's performance, specifically the CPU and GPU in gaming. You can download and run it from Steam like a game.

Go to the steam page I linked above - this one:

Download the free version, called a Demo - you can see the button that says "Download Demo" on the right of the page

Run it, and run the Timespy benchmark

Once the benchmark is done, there will be a screen that looks like this (the numbers will of course be different for your system):

Click "Compare result online".

This will take you to a page like the one I linked earlier, but for your score. Post the link to that page here.
That's it

It says that the frame rate exceeded the Nvidia max frame rate setting.

i.e. seems performance is capped in the nvidia control panel. See:

Which is like testing a car's max speed but abiding by a 30 mph limit.

Disable the cap and run the benchmark again (and post a fresh link).

The score you posted is lower than it should be with your hardware, but because performance is being artificially limited on your system during the benchmark (as per that message and the article above).

To see whether your hardware is performing at the level one would expect of it, you need to disable that limitation. Ofc you can re-enable it later for games as and when you want to.

The performance does seem a bit low, with your graphics score being measured at about 6700, while generally 7300-7700 might be expected. The CPU score also seems low as well, being ~6750 rather than more like 7500ish.

The results also say your average GPU temperature was 79 degrees. That seems pretty high for a 2060.

Have you checked temperatures like I've suggested above?
Aug 3, 2020
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Ok, I ran afterburner and ryzen master.
Here are the quick results:

GPU temps:
- GTA5: around 50°c
- COD: around 50°c

CPU temps:
- GTA5: between 60°c and 85°c
- COD: around 83°c

I played both games for around 10 minutes in a room that has approximately 20°c. Is this info helpful?