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  1. Eye

    Question Weird buzzing sound coming from my computer

    Hey everyone. I’m just going to get straight to the point. I have a buzzing sound coming from inside of my computer. It sounds like MBO noise but I’m not entirely sure. Does anyone know what it could possibly be? Watch video above to see what I’m talking about
  2. PhillyTaylors

    Building a PC primarily derived from the "Best Seller" tag on!

    I know from years of playing on, using, and looking at PC prices that building one is usually if not always the best option but does anyone know of any fully built gaming pcs that are actually a good value where maybe you would only be spending a little more to buy it put together already? Or...
  3. lolgabelol

    Pre Built PC Help

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my current rig and was wondering if people could recommend a good pre-built set. I can't build my own PC so I need a site or manufacturer that could do it all. I want better performance in more simple games like WoW all the way to more demanding features like...
  4. J

    Question My High end PC cannot run games as smoothly as I expected

    Guys, I need an explanation, please. I have RTX 2060 graphics card, Ryzen 7 2700X CPU, 16GB of RAM and 1TB HDD, but and I still cannot run my games at "a high" level, for example, nearly all of my GTA 5 settings need to be set to low in order for me to get target fps (75 fps), and on Call of...
  5. UghThatGuyAgain

    Question Games crash, leaving DX crashed and most all other games running DX unable to load

    Hi there! I'm brand new to the forum, but this is my first thread anywhere requesting help about this. The title fairly well explains it, but let me go into a bit more detail. I am running a Windows 10 ASUS Gaming Laptop with an NVIDIA GTX 1050, 16 GB of ram, and an Intel i7-7700hq. Below in...
  6. Koutspc

    Recommendations for hardware - what should I be looking at next for my gaming PC?

    I just received my custom built PC and I’m extremely happy with the build, however I’m always open for extra hardware/add ons for the motherboard to make my PC an absolute beast! Looking for some ideas and recommendations to what I should be looking at next? . I really like the RGB components...


    Hello so i have been noticing that my computer has been underperforming and getting really loud at some times so i tried to reset windows but nothing still the same so i tried benchmarking it and checking in task manager and noticed at 100% usage in games its only using 1 gb of VRAM from 6GB...
  8. SIMMSY25

    Advice on Upgrading PC

    Hey everyone. A few years back i upgraded my hp Pavilion 500-570na with a new case, motherboard and graphics card, the current set up is as follows: Below are the current specs.... - I7 4790s 3.2GHz 8mb cache - 12 GB DDR3 RAM - HP 500w PSU - MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Motherboard - EVGA 1050 TI 4GB GPU...
  9. F

    Building PC help

    hi, we are attempting to build out first gaming Pc and after 4 attempts it’s completely dead when we turn the power on. We thought it was the power supply but that works when we test it. We’re now wondering Whether it could be the motherboard? motherboard. Our PSU works when we did tests on...