Question mother board testing issues

Dec 17, 2020
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1. PSU passed the makers paper clip in 24 pin connector, fan works when shorted. Both methods seasonic shows on their website.

While testing the mother board and connections
CPU fan, front molex connected fans plugged in, 3 pin case fan plugged in for each test.

Condition 1
-24 pin plugged into MOBO, mobo rgb lights up
* 8 and 4 pin connectors NOT plugged

CPU fan turns on, PSU fan turns on. 3 pin fan spins a few seconds and stops. molex fans do nothing

Condition 2

-24 pin plugged into MOBO, mobo rgb lights up
-GPU 8 pin plugged in white led next to plug turns on

mobo 8 and 4 pin UNPLUGGED

*CPU fan spins non stop, GPU rgb strip turns on and fans spin as far as i can tell

3 pin fan spins a few seconds and stops, molex fans DO NOTHING

Condition 3

-24 pin connected to MOBO
-GPU 8 pin plugged in
-8 pin connected to MOBO

*****NO fans spin, NOTHING happens***** switched the 8 pin cables, and NOTHING happens******

Condition 4

-24 pin connected to MOBO
-8 pin connected to GPU, white light on
-4 pin connected to MOBO

*8 pin NOT connected to MOBO for this test**

*3 pin case fan on continously
*CPU fan on continously
*GPU rgb on, fans go good
*monitor actually shows start up screen, hit key to run bios, keyboard not detected as it isnt plugged in..


does this mean the 8 pin socket on the mother board be bad buzzkill?