Dec 1, 2022
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really welcome some support for a new gamer using gaming monitors, curved, ultra curved 4K HD or 1080p ? I have a budge up to £1000 max but less would be welcomed using my PS5

I seriously looking at the

Alienware AW3423DW 34 Inch WQHD (3440x1440) 21:9 1800R Curved Gaming Monitor, 175Hz, QD OLED, 0.1ms, NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate, 99.3% DCI-P3, HDR400, DisplayPort, 2x HDMI, 5x USB, 3 Year Warranty

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The money that we spend on gaming and buying other accessories are a one time investment.
Don't settle for anything less that what you already like.

I'm sorry but that isn't always the case. You can spend once on a couple of things but the reality is that you can and will need to spend on gear as technology progresses.

+ You might also want to keep your marketing scripts at bay, we don't take well to spam like posts across the forums. Coupons endorsed as you've done using browser extensions fall under that branch.
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