Monitors—how many do you game on?

How many Monitors do you use together?

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    Votes: 13 76.5%
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    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • 3

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • 4+

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • 2+ only for screen stretching

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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I game on a single monitor, but to be honest it would be nice to get a second for browsing. I do tab out a lot to check forums, guides or whatever as I'm playing, so another would be useful.

I dont think native 3 screen or more multiscreen support is as available in games as it was a few years ago outside of driving games. Ultra wide 21:9 screens have been chipping away at that market.
nice to get a second
a second monitor … would be nice

Got an old TV lying around? Plug 'er in!

I had 3 mons for about 6 months a long time ago, but found I wasn't making much use of it, so I went back to two—I can't remember accurately, but I've had two for maybe 15 years. Currently 2 x 42" TVs, the secondary one starting to get the horizontal lines of death… Games look pretty nice on 42"!

GF has very similar, 2 x 36" TVs. Neither of us would ever give up the 2nd, it's like having color v B/W. We both work from home, which is the reason, it's just so much more productive with multiple documents/apps—only + for gaming is if I need to follow a walkthru for part of a game. If I only gamed on my PC, I'd go for one bigger screen.

a vertical 22"
I get occasional twinges of 'Must get a vertical for reading vertical docs'. Then remember that 95% of the time I have screen furniture open left & right of the doc—one a nav pane, the other a style pane—so I need the landscape layout :)
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Just one monitor for me, as the types of games I play wouldn't benefit from a dual or triple monitor setup. Pictures I've seen of those multi-monitor setups look really cool, and I could see myself in the future possibly adding a 2nd monitor if more games supported that feature.
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Yes, yes - work and study. Definitely not because I upgraded the 27" from another 22", and all 3 monitors wouldn't fit on my triple monitor arm anymore.
Was hoping you could provide me with an idea for an excuse to get one.

Got an old TV lying around? Plug 'er in!

No old TV around, we've had the same one for 7 years now. Also if I tried to put a 40 inch TV on its side on my desk I have a feeling that I might get some objections from our interior designer. Cant hurt to try though, right?
I could use 2, I have a spare 4k monitor but I don't have the space to put it anywhere useful that I can also read.

And I mostly have enough screen space now (1440p 144htz LG monitor)

I need a better GPU to actually run games at 144hz so its got a future. 2070 Super can only do 100.

I need a bigger room to have more monitors, or wall sized monitors and use entire wall as a panel. Hmm, gpu in future better be powerful to run an entire wall :D


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That's getting too big, even if it was one huge panel. You would be shifting your head all over the place just to look at all the GUI bits in the corners. (don't say that out loud - people wouldn't understand ;)) Better to get a VR/AR headset and find a game designed around using that, IMHO.

One monitor here. I've got a TV right over it that I can plug in and use as a second monitor, but I only did that a few times and never bothered again. If I need something, I can alt-tab or control-window-right arrow to a desktop to see it. Games seem to be really good at handling that now'a'days.
I have a second monitor on the desk I was planning on using for working, but it has been buried under clean laundry and assorted crap for about 2 years now. We'll be moving in a few months though, so perhaps I'll finally get to use it for its intended function.
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When you move to the new location, do you plan to start wearing clothes?
why break a habit he has been doing for at least 2 years now.

I agree that moving head too much makes the usefulness of wide monitors questionable... ultra wide just look silly, But a panel that spans an entire wall just needs a big enough room where the viewing distance makes it easier to see entire thing without moving head. It doesn't need to be 8k or anything really, just big enough you don't see pixels. No 480p images to be shown on screen lol. they bad enough at 1440p

It sux, I got a 4k monitor 5 years ago, look on Youtube and almost no 4k videos. Or worse, they advertised as 4k but biggest they actually do is 1080p... why. Its better now, there are more 4k videos on YT but I only have 2k now as I am going blind and can't really see 4k on a 28inch monitor. Now I find 8k videos but max they actually are is 4k. I dislike false advertising

this one is 8k

cliche, nature shots... everytime we have a new video tech its, go shoot birds lol
they make me wish i was more colorful though (the birds)
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I use a single 1440p 144hz monitor. I would consider having two down the road (no room atm) but honestly I think it is only a minor convenience for the most part. I get on just fine with a single monitor setup. The only thing I could imagine wanting to do in the future is to have my second monitor be a really fast 240/360hz 1080p display for fast paced games and another 1440p/4k monitor for games where I care about visual fidelity.
When you move to the new location, do you plan to start wearing clothes?

We legit don't have covers on most of our blankets now, those are still in The Heap. The thing is that every once in a while we will clear out The Heap, but it will always rematerialize, even if it is in some other part of the house with other stuff. Which can make it hard to find stuff and sometimes stuff gets broken in the heap, but it is also fun when you find something you hadn't seen in a long time. As we say: "The heap giveth and the heap taketh away."

My computer management is basically the same, though search functions make it a lot easier to find stuff in the heap and things don't break from simply existing in the heap, unless a hard drive breaks and we failed to do a backup.
We had a pampas grass outside the house for a long time, and it wasn't something you touched unless you had to. Like the heap it stole a number of items we thought were lost only to be found again when we tore it up years later. Some toys were in it, the truck portion of a tank transporter was in there. For a long time we only had the trailer. I wonder if we still have any of those
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