Monitor ASUS PG279Q - Vertical blue line

Sep 28, 2022
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My ASUS PG279Q monitor has developed a vertical blue line. The monitor is about 5 years old. I could previously fix it by toggling the input cable on the monitor. But now it seems permanent. The monitor was AU$1500.

Should I pay ASUS for a quote and repair or get a replacement? I believe the whole panel would be replaced.

If replacement which monitor would be comparable? I mainly play BF2042, but also others.

I really dont know all that much about repairing monitors. But I would lean towards buying a new monitor, depedning on the cost of a repair. Technology has moved on so much that for around 400 USD you can get something WQHD reslution that has basic HDR support as well as being both Gsync and Freesync compatible with better response times and similar refresh rate. Not that what you have was bad, just things moved on and prices dropped accordingly.

Rtings has great guides and reviews, also Hardware Unboxed on Youtube. Both test a lot of different metrics that many sites just don't have the equipment for and will give a good idea about whats objectively best at different price points.

Depends on the rest of your rig and your budget what you should aim for. 4K 144hz is nice and all but if you dont have a very high end GPU 2560x1440 144hz+ is still great and more achievable.
In that case @Peter Browne either 4K 144hz or 3440x1440 21:9 is in reach, if you wanted to go there and depending on your preference.

Not an expert on monitors, but I do know a couple of guys as I said.

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Apr 26, 2021
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The PG279Q has indeed lost its crown over the years as 32" QHD and UHD panels have become more common and cheaper.

The same budget gets you a 32" UHD monitor with HDR these days and stuff like gsync modules have largely dropped out of favour with everything being gsync and freesync compatible.

The PG32UQ seems like a good high-end choice for a 4K monitor. Though it's design is not my taste with the bulbous back and fractal pattern. I like my monitors minimalistic and clean when possible. So i'd be more likely to gravitate towards on of its half-brothers from another brand. Like the Corsair Xeneon 32UHD144 (that flat back is perfect for DIY ambilight). They got the same panel and specs after all.