Question Mid-Week Question: What's the most mundane thing you've loved doing in a game?

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Dec 9, 2019
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Chris is on vacation this week, so I'm filling in with a mid-week question. This one was inspired by Death Stranding, which involves a lot of delivering stuff. What's a very normal thing that you nonetheless have fun doing in a game? In Euro Truck Sim I always used my blinkers. Safety first.
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End credits. Not so much reading them (though there's sometimes some fun there) but just listening to them and remembering the fun I just had.

I'm also doing that after almost every game I finish! I'd like to check whether there are some easter eggs or well-known names. Sometimes you need 20 minutes or so before the credits end. But usually I'm patient enough to reach the end. :)
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I always loved racing games. Starting with very simplistic top-down racers on the Intellivision, going through the Need For Speed series, and even now with the retro game 'RetroWave' (which is about 80's as you can get). In general it was always about racing, being first, escaping cops, etc... nothing mundane there. But then, somewhere in the 90's, we got Test Drive 3. A game that actually simulated traffic, world, roads... Oh yeah, you could still race and do really cool stuff. But I actually enjoyed...just driving like...really normal. Using my headlights when I had to, using the windscreen wipers when it started to rain, stopping when I had to (because a train came by eg). It was really fun just following the traffic rules, just for a change. Don't forget: this was early 90's, we never played an open world game like this with very neat graphics. Loved it.
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