Question Mid-Week Question: If you had $7.5 billion, what game company would you buy?


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I would buy this little company called Zloth Inc... what? No?? OK OK.... I'll take Paradox and do whatever it takes to get Kerberos to come back and make a proper Sword of the Stars 3. Then see if Monte Cook would like to play around in Darkspace again. Depending on how far along BattleTech 2 is, I might try and get Harebrained to do a Star Fleet Battles: Federation & Empire game. (If they can resolve the IP mess of BattleTech, surely we can get Kzinti back into Star Trek!)
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Jan 14, 2020
If I had $7.5 billion I'd buy CD Projekt Red... Oh wait... That's not enough! :p In this case I'd fund my own studio which would develop my dream game: an RPG in space with some very unique features and a plot which I can't reveal here. :)
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Jan 16, 2020
i would buy up Sega. Mostly i want Atlus as they are always a sure fire to release some good stuff. Lets not forget that Sega has a lot of decent franchises (they own CA so the total war series is nice) and some that are so far untapped. Give us the rest of the yakuza series! persona 5! bayonetta 2!, sonic! etc etc.

Failing that, capcom. They have a pretty decent portfolio and talent. I'm sure we can make something good with it.
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Honestly, I would want to buy the biggest, most problematic studio I could afford, kick out the shitty upper management and give the rest of the employees a decent salary and benefits. No more crunch time. No shitty work environment.

That would probably do more good for the entire industry than just ordering one studio to make whatever games I happen to like.
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Dec 15, 2019
I'd resurrect New World Computing, buy Might & Magic back off Ubisoft and then do a Heroes of Might & Magic III reboot. I'd fund an eSport tournament around it too: it wouldn't make for particularly compelling watching for most (TBS spectating can't hold a candle to the adrenaline of a Starcraft match) but let's face it - I'd still have a huge chunk of change after buying the IP, so I'd allow myself a little wish fulfilment.
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Sep 24, 2020
DONTNOD Entertainment Life is Strange, Tell Me Why, Twin Mirror and others.

Because of my disability which doesn’t allow great hand movement I am unable to play fast action games unless there is god mode to make me invisible. I like the game Life is Strange because it has an interesting story and pushing buttons in milliseconds isn’t required.

I would create a game that allows individuals to make choices but the central character would be in a wheelchair. I just think it would be neat for others to understand simple questions such as, “Where is the damn elevator?” to a lot more difficult questions and situations.
With 7.5 billion? I would never choose to blow that much money on computer game company acquisitions, but otherwise there'd be no question, so...

I would maybe buy LucasArts back from Disney, with a billion leftover to buy any old individual, tertiary LucasArts IP's that might not necessarily come with that package. Like Sam & Max. (I'm assuming Purcell still owns that.) I'd also give the Brothers Chaps a few million dollars to make another Strong Bad game like they did for TellTale.

So, basically, nobody should hire me to buy up game companies for them...
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Sep 16, 2020
RAHOOD would FOR SURE buy bethesda. Microsoft made a smart move in my opinion. I have 10s of thousands of hours on the elderscrolls and fallout series.

Rahoods second choice would be Halo. That way Rahood can return it to what it once was.

If not either of those Radhood buys out netherealm studios. Mortal Kombat would he RAHOODS.
Mar 9, 2020
I'd buy EA Games.

"But XoRn," you say, "EA games is worth 22.9 billion dollars?"

Well yes, and that's how I'll make my money.

If I can't cheat the system that way, then I'd buy Arc System Works. Using the remaining money I'd by the licenses for as many of my childhood tv characters I can and we would get a Street Sharks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Swat Cats, Gargoyles, GI Joe, Freakazoid, The Tick, Power Puff Girls, Power Rangers/VR Troupers/Beetle Borgs, Rugrats, Angry Beavers anime fighting game. I imagine Stu from Rugrats would play exactly like Faust, just summoning exploding children or hurling them like bowling balls.
Aug 24, 2020
Square Enix, so I could create a third Chrono game. If Mitsuda doesn't wanna write the music then I'll do that myself, but otherwise surround myself with a talented team and give them an insane budget to make the game i've always dreamed about.



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