Question Mid-Week Question: What do you want from an Indiana Jones game?

My dream Indy game has already been made and it is called Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. A good old fashioned point&click adventure game with a dash of arcade moments. It got your typical puzzles and some of them quite good, like the moonstone puzzle (YouTuber digging through it for anyone interested), an excellent plot, Indiana fighting thugs with his bare knuckles, voice/sound that is memorable, and of course the cherry on the top: cheesy dialogue and a little dash of love.

So, if they are going to make a new Indiana Jones game I hope they make it in a similar style. Wishful thinking though, since we are talking about a studio known for making Wolfenstein games with pure adrenaline and little to no problem-solving with the exception of a couple of puzzles thrown at you. We most likely will get a Jones similar to the Uncharted fella or Croft, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but It won't be the Indiana Jones we know:

Indiana Jones : [Indy is making shadow puppets with a flashlight and makes a dog] Neat! Woof, woof!
Sophia Hapgood : ...Indy?
Indiana Jones : [makes an elephant] It's Jumbo! King of the Circus!
Sophia Hapgood : What do you think you're doing?
Indiana Jones : [makes a rabbit] ... and here's Nur-Ab-Sal!
Sophia Hapgood : Stop that this instant!
Indiana Jones : [turns off flashlight] ... sorry.
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Indy should start out wearing a blue shirt and brown shorts along with his hat. Also, when pulling himself up to a ledge, he should pull himself all the way up into a handstand then cartwheel over the rest of the way. (Be sure to keep the hat from clipping through the arms!) I know it doesn't fit the movies but it's what us gamers are used to seeing in this sort of game.
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Fisticuffs! One of the things that Emperor's Tomb got very right (besides having a very convincing faux-Harrison Ford VA)
was the melee combat, great grappling and contextual attacks based on the environment, and it's inherent coolness served to de-emphasize firearm use.

Something like Mad Max's system, the animations sold the character, except Indy should always be slightly outmatched and scrambling to survive.

Also Nazis. Always Nazis.
It wouldn't mind if it turned out to be a 3th person Tomb Raider game. You can forget the classic adventure Indiana, btw. That would be great, but Bethesda probably isn't going to make a game for the 'niche' market. It's going to be multiplatform, so either FPS (please NO), or Lara Croft-style.
Sep 14, 2020
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Anything but a tomb raider knock-off... I'm thinking something fresh as the old republic felt. **** occultist, paranormal powers and extraordinary weapons. Lot's of puzzles, Train's, Planes & Automobiles.
Don't ask how, say YES & Visualise it.


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I'd really like it if there was a branching quest system, kind of like the old C&C games did. I want to see that iconic map with the plane traveling along the dotted line but with choices. Should you pursue the grave robbers in Peru? Confront an invasive force defiling religious monuments in the Middle East? Or follow a tip on a freighter caught in the ice that may hold treasures from Early Chinese Dynasties in Siberia?

Whichever path you take would offer different options, more storylines, more replayability. It's a pretty big want, but a want nonetheless.
Dec 17, 2020
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Most people felt that when the first Tomb Raider came out, that they would never do a full blown indiana jones game as theyd just be copying lil old lara croft.

Still feels the same way, as in reality all we could do is give the newest tomb raider games a new charecter mesh to look like the professor.


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Dec 18, 2019
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MachineGames really hate Nazis, don't they?

I mean, I assume that's the period they'll set it in rather than old Harrison with the meme dude and the crappy story..

Honestly, I think they know what they're doing. Wolfenstein but with more desert, actual old-timey guns, vehicle segments, environmental hazards, and associated peril mixed up with a decent bit of bloodying **** noses.
Jul 27, 2020
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Open world Indiana Jones with side missions for artifacts, fighting nazis and commies, etc. Gaining abilities and branching based on decisions about certain artifacts.
And lots of action, jumping, running, whipping, and chase scenes.
Jun 25, 2020
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Back in the day I was excited about anything from Bethesda and just the sight of Todd Howard doing an announcement, these days not so much. I don't trust the company to do anything right anymore, so I'm not going to pre-order, not going to count on anything and will wait for the reviews.
Apr 25, 2020
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Indiana Jones killed 67 people in the original trilogy. So I hope it won't be too much of a shooter in which the player kills hundreds of NPC's. Would break immersion.

I rather have a lot of walking, exploring, puzzle solving and maybe L.A. Noiresque investigation stuff going on. In exotic locations. With a couple of love interests.
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Jan 16, 2021
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[QUOTE = "PCG Chris, postagem: 103045, membro: 34"]
A Bethesda anunciou que um jogo Indiana Jones está sendo desenvolvido hoje, desenvolvido pela MachineGames.

Como não temos detalhes para prosseguir, parece um bom momento para inventar alguns.

O que você quer de um jogo de Indiana Jones? Como seria o seu jogo de Indy dos sonhos?

Me avise até quarta-feira e publicarei algumas de suas respostas junto com as nossas!
Quero muita ação e misterios e desvendar.
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It got your typical puzzles and some of them quite good, like the moonstone puzzle

My "moonstone puzzle" was broken, had to solve it 90 degrees off-set. Not sure how prevalent that was.

For some reason I "bounced off" that game, as they say nowadays, back when it first came out. But I finally played through it a few years ago, and liked it. Not quite as much as some whom I've seen say it's the "best LucasArts adventure game ever", but it was better than a lot of some of the more modern adventure games I've played.
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I've rarely played the various Indiana Jones games that have come out over the past 40 years (or however long ago the Atari 2600 one was.) I used to try the demos of some of them, back when that was a thing, but the only one I ever played completely was Fate of Atlantis. To me it seemed like there have always been plenty of "Indy"-esque game characters out there, whether Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, or... insert any other characters who might run around the world collecting artifacts, I'm sure they exist and I just can't remember them off the top of my head.

I'm not sure what it would take to get me super interested in an Indy title. Once upon a time I'd have said "Get Harrison Ford to do the voice," but I'm not sure how well he'd manage that now, no offense to him. It would definitely need either the John Williams soundtrack or something similarly thematic. I would definitely like for them to be allowed to use young Harrison's likeness, otherwise it's barely Indiana Jones in my mind and would be disappointing, not unlike that recent Marvels Avengers game that looked more like a "we have Avengers at home" meme.

But yeah, pay Harrison Ford however many gobs of cash he wants for his likeness, render it almost but not quite as creepily close as Moff Tarkin in Rogue One, and give us a blend of "open world exploration" and "epic set pieces worthy of an Indy movie." And figure out a workable whip mechanic. Also only give him a handful of bullets for his gun, so using it matters.

Also, do NOT have him flipping around like Lara Croft. Have him move like an older man who probably shouldn't be doing this any more. (Maybe not Harrison's current age, but slightly older than Holy Grail era.)
Apr 25, 2020
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Dang! I never realized it was THAT many... for some reason I had it in my head that it was, like, a dozen or two, tops. (Not counting deaths that simply occurred in his vicinity.)

He really went on a rampage in The Last Crusade. Even had a bullet that killed three ****'s in one shot.

EDIT: Why is the abbreviation for national-socialist a forbidden word on the forum where we discuss WW2 shooters and strategy games...
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