Microsoft Flight Simulator! What's your experience?

Feb 15, 2020
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Greetings Pilots! Microsoft Flight Simulator has been out now for five days now and by now those who were thinking about purchasing have most likely already done so. I preordered on the 17th of August, the day before launch, and bought the Standard Edition. I thought about each edition thoroughly but in the end the best value was in fact the Standard Edition.

I, like many others, stayed up all night for the midnight release on the 18th and began downloading right away. There were some bugs with the launcher and the download screen that had many very frustrated. In fact it took me two fresh installs of the launcher and a bit of persistence to get the download going. I went via Steam for my download so I cannot comment on the Microsoft Store's accessibility.

Did you go through Steam or MS Store? What edition did you buy and why? Is MSFS2020 everything you expected? What's your favorite aircraft?

For me, I'm impressed with the sheer scope of the sim and it's detail. While not exactly perfect its still very impressive. I went through Steam as I like to have most my games in an orderly manner and I choose the Standard Edition because all I wanted out of the Deluxe was KORD. As for the Premium Deluxe Edition all I wanted was the 787 and the Cessna Citation but the addition airports in this edition is a nice touch. But for double the price of Standard, I don't believe its worth it. I don't currently have a favorite aircraft but I'm partial to Beechcraft. Very nice looking airframes with very nice cockpits and ease of use.

Well those are my thoughts on the matter of Microsoft Flight Simulator. What are yours? Feel free to expand on your experience if you want as I'm interested to hear what the PC Gamer Community has to say about this fine piece of software.
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Sep 3, 2020
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Just remember they wanted to make this sim subscription based. I don’t mind paying extra once. I use a Alienware 15R4 with a gtx1070. With a displayport to a 2k monitor I get 15-30fps on ultra depending on the environment. I wish I had more time to put into this beautiful sim.


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