Question Macbook with PC Desk Setup

Feb 25, 2023
Hey all,

I am looking into getting a M1 Max Macbook pro to dive deeper into music and video production. I have a pretty good desk setup with the PC I built over covid (two monitors, an audio interface, midi keyboard, webcam, keyboard, etc.) My question is this; is there a way that I could route my accessories to a docking station for the Macbook, but still have easy access to them on the PC side? The hope is to have a single thunderbolt dock to plug into the macbook, then be able to use the monitors, interface etc on the mac side, but be able to unplug and switch without having to unplug all the accessories and route them back to the PC.

Welcome to the forum :)

My guess is there is unlikely to be anyone here with experience of or knowledge about your proposed scenario. You might have better luck on a Mac forum, but best shot is probably a media production forum—music, video etc.

You could also try a hardware tech forum like Tom's hardware, say one of these 2 forums: