Question Low FPS Issues - Advice needed

Jan 1, 2021
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Hello, I currently have the following set-up Intel I5-7400 & GTX 1060 3GB. I have been able to run many games on low settings with smooth gameplay, I like to play call of duty titles.

Recently, my PC performance has drastically lowered and I'm unsure why. I have preformed a factory reset and installed only the games I play, I have updates my graphics card drivers and I seem to get anywhere between 2 - 45 FPS now playing warzone, with massive spikes up and down. I understand overtime my rig will deplete in performance but this seems to be a drastic drop, I have seen videos of the same combo on youtube reaching a pretty steady 65 FPS.

I will leave some Gyazo Links to display the computer performance at various stages.

Any advice would be muchly appreciated, thanks in advance!


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