Question Low FPS. How to resolve

Apr 14, 2021
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Pc specs:
i5 4460
1TB Hard Drive

I am looking for some advice on how to improve FPS.
I am currently getting about 55-75 FPS (never steady) on warzone. The person I bought the pc off told me I could get these FPS for the game. low around 130, medium around 85 and high around 60.
I have tried all the in game settings to improve FPS suggested by the internet, YouTube videos etc...
I have watched about 3 hours worth of videos on how to optimise your pc to improve performance and downloaded a number of programs to improve performance ( razor cortex, gpu tweak)
I have watched videos on the best settings to use in the nvidia control panel but none of these things are giving me a decent FPS. And by decent I would hope for at least 80.
another thing I did was download the latest driver from GeForce experience but that still didn’t make a difference.
I appreciate I do not have a top of the range rig but been told I should definitely be getting better performance by some people.
Any help is much appreciated.

OsaX Nymloth

Community Contributor
First of all, delete all those programs you downloaded. At the best these kind of programs do very little to improve anything, at worst they either break something or make it run worse. Not to mention these program running in the background DO use resources.

Second: why 80 fps exactly?

In general, you want to limit the number of other programs running (first point of this message, uninstall unnecessary software) while you play. You want to have most resources available to your game.
You want to have drivers up to date.
Making sure you're not infected with somekind of virus/cryptominer that could come as an "extra" from your downloading frenzy. Running AV scan is not a bad idea once in a while.

Now that you have an actual playing field you can start checking how different settings change the fps you're getting in-game. It may take a while of experimentanions, but since you did some research you should know at this point which graphic options tend to be the resource hogs.
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Building on what @OsaX Nymloth said:

Activate Game Bar before starting play—it's designed to optimize your PC for playing a game.

Have a look in Task Manager to see what else is running.

Reduce these settings one notch…
Ambient occlusion
Ray Tracing
Shadow quality
…if still not good, reduce another notch.

If game is in full-screen, try Windowed Full Screen.
You can of course reduce screen resolution, but who wants to do that?


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