Question Low FPS for Borderlands 3

Apr 4, 2022
So when I play Borderlands 3 and I do the Benchmark from there system (am running it on Low settings).
I get a average FPS of 38.6 went as high as 40 FPS.
I wanted to ask if this is what I should be getting with my system and if there would be a way to improve it.
I have not made any changes to the base system (as in Overclocking or anything).

I would appreciate any advise on improving the game.
My system Specs:
Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 2TB (Main C Drive with 1.65 TB Free)
Radeon RX 580 Series 8GB RAM
B450 Gaming Plus Max Motherboard (MSI)
16 GB RAM (2 sticks of 8GB PC4-2400)
Windows 10 Pro (64)
Welcome :)

That sounds a bit low. But there's some information that we'd need.

What CPU do you have and what screen resolution are you playing at? Would also be good if you could use monitoring software such as HWINFO and report the hottest temperatures of your GPU and CPU while you are gaming.

You could also update to the latest drivers from the AMD website for your card before checking back in. Follow the method in here, to be sure its done properly using DDU.

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Apr 4, 2022
Thank you for replying and providing me the advise you did( it turns out that the issue with the really low FPS). Was all do to how I had my screen selected to Windowed Borderless instead of Fullscreen. So after changing it to Fullscreen I know can get a average of 77.8 FPS on High Settings (Low was 128 FPS). I did update my drivers as suggested and also am using a AMD Ryzen 5 1600. I also will be checking on my CPU and GPU temperatures tomorrow when I'm playing. Again Thank you for responding and pointing me in the right direction to fixing my problem.


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