Question Low FPS on CS:GO

Jan 13, 2022
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Hello guys,

Glad to meet you all here. I am new and I got a strange case for all of you.

Currently, I have the following specs:

CPU: i5 9600k ( did not overclock it, brand new thermal paste )
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1660 ( Palit Edition )
RAM: 16Gb on 3200Mhz ( working on 2400, from what I know )
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 1Tb ( brand new )

However, I feel very downgraded performance for some reason and that is happening only on Counter-Strike Global Offensive for some reason. According to online benchmarks of the game, I should be getting around 300FPS average, however, I am getting around 150-250. The strange thing here would be that this happens only when I take a peek at a player model. If I am solo on a map the performance is greater. Going even up to 350-380 FPS.

Bare in mind, I play the game on LOW settings and 4:3 1280:1024res, which I have a 27inch monitor.

I tested and did everything possible. High settings, high res, low settings, low res, activated all threads, tried auto config. Everything I found online. The game is running on high priority, there is no thermal throttle, even though I recently had but changed the paste as soon as I noticed it. The CPU was never clocked or something, I made the power settings and most of the settings in the Nvidia app to boost performance and every other game runs great, however, CS:GO underperforms. RAM sticks are brand new as well btw, like 1month old.

Of course, I performed benchmarks, everything performs from the range of Good to Great ( 70% to 110% ). CPU and GPU temps are absolutely in order. BIOS is updated to the latest one. All other drivers as well.

The only thing that makes me think causes this is the triple monitor settings I run, but even with that, the performance should not be impacted since the game leans more towards a CPU consumer instead of a GPU consumer.

I will be very happy if you are able to help me with anything here, running out of ideas and I am getting mad of this, cuz everything runs great, I got a paid WIndows 10, updated to the latest version and everything is pretty much in order, however, cant fix this at all.

Thanks in advance for any insight on this,

Best Regards.
Welcome to the forum :)

4:3 1280:1024res
That's not 4:3. Make sure your monitor's geometry is correctly set.

I am getting around 150-250
So the problem is comparative rather than absolute, right? As in many players would be fine with 150+, so your problem is not with the 150, but that it's lower than other games—is that right?

only thing that makes me think causes this is the triple monitor settings
Easily tested by disconnecting 2 of them for a CSGO session.

I am getting mad of this
If you want some serious help, then our experts need more info. See here:



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