Lost Ark

Jan 15, 2020
Not sure if there is much interest in this game here, but i love me some ARPG games and this one has been in the making for a couple years now. Its a super popular MMO in S. Korea and its projected to bring in numbers like New World. I put up a link here in case you were wondering. They are having a closed beta going on from now to the 11th if anyone was interested.

Jan 15, 2020
Just going to add to this since i have about 30 hours sunk into this beta. If you are looking for a serious contender to Diablo, this is pretty damn good. Ive had 0 issues with servers or lag or anything like that (mainly because the game has established servers and has been an up and running game for roughly 2 years now), the combat is snappy, there is plenty of great loot to pick up from killing bosses etc.

The UI to me isnt all that great, but can be minimized, there are some typical MMO quests that are rather dull, and the localization of the voice acting is still off, but how fluid all this works together makes any negatives ive seen easy to deal with.

When it comes to the classes you can choose from are varied and extremely fun, you want to use a shotgun and dual pistols all through the game? Check, want to play like Bruce Lee and kick the crap out of everyone? Check! Also, this (closed) beta is huge, it allows you to rank to level 55 (believe me that is hard) and then allows you to tackle some of the dungeons they have released. I cannot wait for this to drop (says march 2022 on steam but thats just a placeholder date, so itll probably be earlier).


Seen a couple of videos and it looks very good! Still waiting for access:) There has been some talk about Lost Ark being PTW, so I sincerely hope they do not bring that to the western market. I would hate to see skills, mats, or similar stuff being buyable as it not only ruins the whole point of progression, it also invites bots/gold spammers to make their living. Here is hoping there will ONLY be cosmetic items.
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PCG Jody

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Dec 9, 2019
I played Lost Ark in the beta and it definitely was fun. If anything, that trailer undersells how cool the attacks are. That said, it's an MMO as well as an action-RPG and things like owning your own ship and building a fortress on your island won't be unlocked until many hours in.