Looking for an old game ran on pc in 2008

May 9, 2022
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The game seems to be rpg.
Playing as two characters
( First charecter is nacked found on an dessert (sand) a girl finds him and the journey goes on.)
Second character looks like spiked blue character and ge has his own journey.
We have to travel and fight with many people. Fights include (like Pokémon) among four power use on and almost all power are some kind of magic or attacks.)
The 1st character has to travel through village ( sandy type) talk to everyone for journey.
2nd character i think was looking for his sister or not i can't remember
If someone can help it would be awesome
Can you expand on the gameplay and graphics a bit? Are fights turn based? Can you need to equip different items? How do you move around? Do you see the world from above? Does it use pixel graphics or 3D? What kind of setting does it use (e.g. fantasy, science fiction)?


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