Question Looking for a game I forgot the name of

Dec 22, 2021
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So, there's this game I used to watch gameplay of back in like... 2018 or 2019. I remembered this game today on a whim and tried to search for it, but since I don't remember the name, I got nowhere.

The game was a PC 2010s game I think, It was a 3D open-world, third-person, Hack-and-slash game with an anime-esque artstyle, a main male protagonist, some sexual content and, if I remember correctly, some nudity. It wasn't a game I'd call gory, perse, but it definitely was a bit violent.

One of the funnier and more prominent and unique features in that game was that when you'd beat one of the bosses (Which I'm 90% sure were females), the ending animation for the fight would have the boss' clothes ripped to shreds, which was personally something I found funny.

The weapons were usually either guns or some big melee weapons. Kind of like the weapons you'd see in a Sci-Fi game and/or movie. And the game had a pretty long storyline, too, that takes place in a big city.

If you happen to know the name of this game, please do let me know. Thank you all. : )