Life as a concept artist at Atomhawk

Atomhawk Justine

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Apr 22, 2020
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If you’re into game art, it’s likely the team at Atomhawk will have created something that you’ll recognise. Our team has been involved in shaping the look of a number of award-winning games over the past 10 years. But what’s it like to work there?

Unlike a regular game dev studio, Atomhawk focuses purely on visual development. The team is made up of artists, animators and producers who specialise in bringing concepts to life through art and design. Atomhawk is drawn from a diverse international background, with some of the artists having direct experience in game development and others from fine art, engineering or architecture backgrounds.

Something that’s a really important part of Atomhawk’s values is the ‘no crunch’ policy. That means there is no elective or required overtime from any artists. This is achieved through a combination of planning, process, communication and talent! For example, Atomhawk has dedicated producers whose job is to set the art team up to succeed. By removing blockers the production team free up the art team to focus on coming up with cool ideas and making great art.

Training and development are huge parts of any artist’s lifestyle, and this is no different at Atomhawk. There’s always something new to learn, or something to improve on. An ongoing programme of structured training and development means the team stay at the forefront of technical and stylistic innovations. But it’s not all about digital skills. Every Monday artists get together for life-drawing, and every other month Atomhawk funds excursions to nearby cities, usually to check out local museums and sketch the world around them.

Here’s a peek at what it’s like inside (and outside!) the office at Atomhawk. Follow more candid fun at!



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