Less than max fps, but nothing using 100%

Jun 11, 2020
In games like overwatch I am not reaching the max fps of 300, but nothing in msi afterburner shows anything close to 100%. When I try to stream using streamlabs obs, my in game fps drops significantly.My hardware should be good enough to hit the max fps and stream. My gpu has an encoder that i should be able to use while streaming to avoid fps loss, but i still losing fps in game. All drivers are up to date and i have lowered settings in game to all low.
Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

RTX 2070
i7 7000k, oc to 4.9ghz
16gb 4200mb ram
2 250gb ssds
Feb 17, 2020
The encoder on your GPU will cause framerate loss. It's very efficient and in many cases the framerate loss will be small, but not always and it will happen.

What is your framerate with streaming disabled?

And what are the reported GPU loads and per-thread CPU loads? Perhaps a screenshot or two uploaded to imgur of what Afterburner says?

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