Question Stream quits out playing Call of Duty Warzone

Jan 21, 2022
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Hello, hopefully someone can help me here. Whenever I go to stream through twitch, or facebook gaming my computer starts to freeze up and quits the streaming application. After a minute or even less the stream crashes and quits out. This is through Geforce experience or Streamlabs obs. both will not work for me while gaming. Even on the lowest streaming settings this will happen.

Below is my pc setup. I should have no issues with this, but for some reason its happening.

Processor Model
AMD Ryzen 7 5000 Series
Processor Model Number
Ryzen 7 5700G
Processor Speed (Base)
3.4 gigahertz
Storage Type
Total Storage Capacity
1512 gigabytes
Solid State Drive Capacity
512 gigabytes
Hard Drive Capacity
1000 gigabytes
System Memory (RAM)
64 gigabytes
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
Operating System
Windows 11 Home

While playing my specs seem fine.
I run between 100-130fps
GPU 97%
Cpu 30%
Temps dont reach over 69°C
Latency during gameplay is 28-40ms
Pocket 0%

All setting in control panel are set for gaming performance. once i start a stream my fps will go down, and the stream will stop within a minute. i cant figure this out for the life of me and havent been able to stream. This is a new computer thats only a week old. All drivers are up to date. No issues with the computer at all other than i can't stream. While trying to stream my cpu doesnt go over 60-70%.

Any idieas how to fix this issue? If there's any other info i need to supply please let me know.
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Jan 21, 2022
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I should also point out I am hardwired and not playing through wifi

My internet speed results are

47 ms
296.00 Mbps
22.25 Mbps

Usually i will have over 300mbps and 40ms or under when not using other tvs or devices.
Welcome to the forum :)

I know nothing about streaming, so just some prelim Qs before someone knowledgeable stops by:

new computer thats only a week old
Were you successfully streaming with your previous computer?
If yes, this would eliminate your WAN components as a problem.

Geforce experience or Streamlabs obs. both will not work for me
Are these 2 different streaming apps, ie unrelated to each other, used one at a time?

Are you on Windows 10—what version?—or 11?

Your post suggests you think the problem is hardware related. Any particular reason for that?

Look in Device Manager for any yellow warning icons—expand sections to see individual components.

Check Reliability Monitor and/or Event Viewer for any warnings around the times of the problem happening.
I think that there is currently a bug with streaming Steam games via Gamestream/Nvidia GFE. under Windows 11. If you try to stream something from Ubisoft Connect or Epic, does it also crash?

None of my Steam games stream for more than a few seconds ever since I upgraded to W11, all other launchers/storefronts work just fine.