It is Possible. Snow runner be in dessert?

Mar 8, 2021
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Hi there,
I have a pretty good idea for Snow runner. It is Possible, the next Snow runner version could be in the dessert.

I feel like sand could be tough to haul things through especially if it’s a heavy load. Like there’s no rivers or trees or anything. But there’s soft sand dunes and soft sand that’d be easy to get stuck in but hard to get out of because of the lack of trees. Maybe we gotta like build the pyramids and were responsible for hauling the blocks for it or something?

I feel like it could be fun. What do you think?
I think desserts with the deep dune type sand you're referring to are not located anywhere near snow, so would make the game not match the title Snow Runner.

That said, there ARE desert locations that do get sprinklings of snow, some even having snowy mountains around them, but the terrain challenges would more likely be rock crawling and negotiating occasional washouts from thunderstorms. That said, I'm really doubting any real world truckers take such routes, so it wouldn't be very realistic.
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