Is this a problem- Northbridge unscrewed

Feb 7, 2021
I recently bought a pre-build and this came unscrewed is this a problem and how could i go about solving it.


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Jan 17, 2020
Is it the heatsink there? The thing that says ASRock you are talking about? If so, it might not be the end of the world just now, but without that passive heat sink, its hard to tell if it will cause warping on the MB if it gets too hot or its possible it could trip a thermal sensor. If your computer just randomly shuts off after playing for a while, than it is probably a sensor shutting down your PC to prevent further damage.
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Feb 8, 2021
That heatsink on your northbridge help with temps as stated by MaddMann.

It looks like it just has the plastic pins, if it is not damaged, you just keep the heatsink in the right position with a finger, then push on the head of the plastic pin it should click back in.

Don't push with too much force, it should slip back in easily into the Motherboard hole beneath it.

If it doesn't click back in the plastic pin could be damaged.