Is it Coolermaster Power Supply Good?

Every PSU brand has had some lemons, Coolermaster more than most to be fair.

Worth remembering that most of the brands selling PSU's dont actually make them, they rebrand another manufacturers models.

EVGA have been using some less than reputable OEM's for a couple of years even in their top of the line models, and often have in their cheaper designs for a long time. They are back to Seasonic for the latest G6 models though, for example. Corsairs mid to upper range have been good for a few years with some minor issues, but their low end VS and in the past CX 'builder series' models can leave a lot to be desired.

Superflower and Seasonic make their own, and their high end models have been very good for a few years at least. the lower end Seasonics last I knew were using dated designs that weren't the best. Same for the Superflower Golden Green models.

You mostly get what you pay for, and if you cant find a proper review of a PSU online you should be suspicious. Techpowerup and Toms Hardware are about the only places doing good PSU reviews I know of anymore since Jonnyguru disapeared. Theres a Youtube channel called Hardware busters run by the guy who does a lot of Toms hardware reviews posts which is also good.

Moral of the story, dont trust a brand name for anything in PSU's it often doesn't mean much.
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