Imgur images broken

AS of Friday last week, any images posted from Imgur are showing as broken links.

The change appears to be from Imgur's end as they changed Terms of Service last week - I don't know how it applies to us though -

They removed all images not linked to an account.

They removed all NSFW images... not that we had any of those here.

I have an account, they still don't work?

I hope its fixed from their end as I suspect its unintended.
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Oh ok- Thanks.

I have an account and logged in with them, its a free account. Also last few days or so I cant remember, my edge browser updated. Microsoft and edge can also ruin your life.

I later noticed some of my earlier posts have been locked and most all images again X out. I thought I did something wrong, but had no warnings or anything. Thought maybe when the lock put on the posts and cant edit anymore someway blocked the images. Maybe not and is like you say. Is Imgur, I do hope they fix it. Seems like a waste of time to post and add images and then something stupid like this. takes away some of the fun in posting or talking about the games. Some of my posts show screens- others they are X out, strange :(
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There's an article (Ars Techica) about some of the changes. Mostly about the NSFW pictures, plus it may be down to algorithms need tweaking. Also about removing old content.

I can recommend imgbox.

I've also been experimenting when taking screenshots. Sometimes I just use F12. But even in games like Days Gone the ingame photo options offer a wide range of options.

Might try for some psychedelic effects.
Same for me- some work some dont- and some stuff I have uploaded to imgur is listed as hidden when all of it should be public. or all hidden and only seen when I post in the pages here etc. Its confusing. I am not sure whats right or wrong and as said they host it as they wish and is not consistent. I wish now I never bothered with that site.

I just uploaded a few images to the left side media to it says "your media" and its not showing as uploaded either. I go back it says I have not uploaded anything yet. Even if it did upload, I cant find it and maybe not know if I could add images from it to my posts or not. Glitchy stuff burns me out. Hours and hours now just trying to post and add some screens.

I had seen a link pointing to how use the media section to add images and cant find it now. I went back through threads everything- seems to have been removed or something, I dont know. Posting in forums was a lot more easy years ago. Just looked at a thread that said site features and all it talked about was adding images from imgur and not the built in Media feature at all. I dont know where to look and find such info.

Also seems if does upload it goes to 1 folder "fan art". I cant seem to change it and it does say Your media or Your albums- if fan art or community its not mine- I dont understand.
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i replaced all the images in this thread so at least they work now

the side panel is our way of ignoring Imgur until its resolved.
That doesn't make sense, can you link to one such please?

Beautiful Game Appreciation Thread.

Pages 28 all my posts shows as locked thought nothing says it, but the edit button is gone. Page 29 top of page down my 11 posts are again locked. The lower on the page is not locked. I am not saying its wrong. Maybe this site only allows a certain time limit for posts to be edited. I just noticed it while looking back to see if more of my images was not showing/posting.
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Its all good. I know other sites do it also. I might need do it if I need change the images or something like if imgur is not going to work.

Thanks Colif,

Ok I think I figured out how to get my images through the media tab, I might have missed the save button bottom of screen before- not sure. Now I am not sure how to get from here to my post on pages in other threads like the beautiful game thread I have been posting in. I will keep playing with it and try to figure it out. I would rather use this sites media thingy versus some site that might go under and or lock and hold hostage my media and try and make me pay a subscription at a later date.
Click on one of the images you uploaded and click the link button

that copies it into your clipboard. Go to the thread you want to put image into and click paste where you want image.

If its an image you just uploaded, scroll down on the last page and you can also copy link from the highlighted line here

Paste that line into the post.
Wonders if Admin fix problem faster if we fill up media :)
Can say yah it post "side media bar" the image to page but is a tiny thumb and click it is a small size photo and will not go full size. If click and view from the media section, it goes full size but not from the thread page. I guess is better than nothing. The thumb on the page more shows PC Gamer Forum ad.

I never seen a site do that before. Normally the add photo gives yah the option to upload from pc or add a url bbc link and posts the photo just like the linked ones was doing. Now is more just a thumb pc gamer ad on/in its own threads and posts. LOL pushing ads on us on the site- its not like we are posting off site.

And then click the thumb its takes you off the page you was on and viewing and have to back click etc to get back to the page. Man its crazy confusing overly complicated. Just to view those 3 images id have to back click 4 or 5x just back to the original thread and page I was viewing. A super extra smart person designed this for sure. I am laughing so hard- that person never ever heard the great ole saying- "keep it simple - Stupid." I dont get it.

I feel like Ive been pulling teeth- feel worn out. I will give up for now. maybe a nap and wake and all will be better and imgur magically fix itself. If not, pages might have ugly posts with lots of X X X forever.
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This is response I got from Imgur. I goto this IPv4 thingy and sent them a screen shot. They did not say exactly what they wanted me to do or how to send it. But when it pops up it ask you to support. I did not and hope I will not be spammed etc. At bottom I click use without support. I have never in all my years on the net had a site ask me this type info. So no- I will give little Support as possible.

I maybe should have DM a mod here. I deleted some of the info in these posts - my email addy etc. So I have less problems from hackers or spam etc. I do not work for imgur and not trying to cause problems for any here or myself or get band. I am only trying to help and show you the response I got from imgur. I never seen this before. It could be communist hack stuff for all I know. I hope not. So no, I am not trying to help such.


We've got news for you: Your ticket has been updated. Feel free to reply to this email with any questions.

Jacob (Imgur)
May 14, 2023, 10:15 MST
Hi there,

Thanks for writing in, and sorry to hear you're experiencing issues using Imgur. I hope I can shed some light on what you might be experiencing here.

We're trying to combat abusive users who have increased velocity dramatically, any blocks that you are seeing are the result of trying to rate limit other users on your ISP. Please include your IPv4 address ( and we can see about unblocking it. Alternatively, if you're accessing Imgur on a mobile device, you may be able to access Imgur again by switching between mobile/wifi data, since these blocks are only affecting certain ISPs.

I do apologize for any inconvenience or confusion experienced here.

All the best,


Be a gem, check out our new browsing experience with Imgur Emerald

May 14, 2023, 03:41 MST
Your site had been working good. Now images will not post and half the ones that did post are now X out or some in same post work and some not. I have been posting on the same site PC Gamer. Posting PC Game Screen Shots. Now its not working? I also know my Edge browser updated in last few days but your site images had been working no problems until now. Others on the site say same, say you changed something on your end and now we have many pages and posts with X - X where images should be.
Thank you.
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could be communist hack stuff
Probably not, Imgur is American and has been around for over a decade.

trying to combat abusive users who have increased velocity dramatically
That's credible, same thing happened here a couple of years ago. We got slammed with approaching 1,000 spams/day, and it took a while to get on top of it.

Imgur's ToS changes go into effect tomorrow May 15, so that probably adds to the load on their people trying to deal with the situation.

As always, if any images are important to you, make sure you have copies and backups directly under your own control, as well as a remote backup. Assume any online place you put stuff will eventually change so that your stuff is no longer accessible.
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Thanks Brian,

Yah, I try to be safe and good security- and not surf stupid etc. Not click on odd things. Just so much scam and hack stuff out here- its a shame really.

Yah I normally have backups of my original screens or videos etc on my PC or off to other storage drives. Just building new pc's and or newer tech some drives get pushed away some place or some info locked away on old OS drives. I do know and have in past plug in and can surf files on my older OS drives and pull out filles folders etc and not actually start run the OS on the drive. You can recover most that type info. But most of the time I am not overly pressed or need go through all the extra trouble. If something extra important, maybe a file I forgot to save and carry over or sometimes maybe a game save file etc, Yah I might bother with it. Then also drives might not last forever- worked fine when parked it- go back later and try to use it- it has given up the ghost and not work anymore. Maybe a little inconvenience- but nothing that ends my life type of stuff.
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In case you're not aware, a 'toaster'

Yes I have that I think exact model only mine is red on top and USB3. I have been planing to buy 1 or 2 more 2tara NVMe drives and one of these. Sorry I hope I did no wrong. I do not know how to place the link like you did under "This".

The Sabrent NVMe drops to like 99 dollars all the time. wish a lil lower but maybe next time I see it drop I will get it. Well, I want it but the cables are short. My mobo has usbc on back and extension connect on mobo but my case does not have the connect top or front etc. So I would have try and connect to back of pc, try and sit something back there to sit the doc on. Or get a longer cable I guess. Am pretty sure they make them. I can order it all now- but holding some cash in the bank- lol waiting to order me a nice Lazy boy recliner. Sales in next week- which I can always run put more cash in bank on my debit. :)

The drives are still very good price and is what I paid for them- fast too. Would like 1 to back up my os and 1 for storage. Will go for os first or if only 1.

I already have 1 of these below for my lap-top and 1 tara drive with my Steam library and few other save files. I just dont wish open and change back and forth drives- less wear tear. Would like that doc above and has a cooling fan. said a nice unit.

SABRENT USB 3.2 Type-C Tool-Free Enclosure for M.2 PCIe NVMe and SATA SSDs (EC-SNVE)
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Well, my screens seem to be back, and I uploaded a few from Imgur to my A-C Odyssey post in Beautiful Games Appreciation thread. Seems to be working now. I do not know if is because I sent the the IPv4 thingy they asked for or just they made changes as a whole. I do not know if you others screens are working. I do still see lots X out. I dont know if they are Imgur or not. I hope they are working for you other folks also. :)


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