I'm taking a Chernobyl holiday

Got a few days off and thought I'd play the original STALKER game, which I've never played, along with some Chernobylite, which launches out of early access today. I even bought the book Roadside Picnic, which popularized the word "stalker" and am going to read it in between gaming sessions.

All the talk about STALKER 2 and Chernobylite just kind of inspired me to make my vacation time themed. I'm pretty pumped about it to be honest.

Anyone who's played either the STALKER series or Chernobylite? Any advice for best enjoying them?
I've played STALKER SOC, and it's definitely a game where you want to scavenge a lot, and be wary of how you travel the map. You're best off not accidentally alerting hostiles, so it's often wise to first survey the path ahead with binoculars, and stay off roads and near cover when crossing areas where hostiles are present. You also of course need to manage your anti rad supplies, and before long, you will be exposed to more radiation, so finding a good suit is key.

I've never played or even heard of Chernobylite, but after checking a review on it, I'm not sure I would like it. It seems you have to micro manage your allies a lot, and are vulnerable to losing all your resources if captured or killed, which is said can have dire consequences on both short and long term plans. That combined with the protag being said to die from just a few shots, leaves me thinking the devs were looking to make the player go through hell, vs feel in control.


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I've played both STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat, but have not played Chernobylite.

My tips to you if you're starting the first STALKER game are:
  • Use the binoculars to help find enemies in hard-to-see places
  • Use the bolts to detect safe passage around anomalies
  • Always keep some food or medpacks on you
  • Use cover as much as a possible when in or approaching combat
  • Use your mini map to see if someone is friendly or hostile when approaching (if you hear the little blip noise it means someone new is in range)
Overall the game is challenging but you should be able to get through it just by paying attention to the quest prompts on the PDA. Good hunting, STALKER.
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I played the entire STALKER series and i had a good time with it. SOC whilst good had a few issues it was entertaining. Clearsky was a technical mess stuffed with half baked ideas, the faction idea whilst interesting wasn't particularly well implemented imo and the constant crashing and bugs ruined it for me. Call of pripyat was probably the most fleshed out of the bunch with various improvements but even so there was room for improvement.

Will i get Stalker 2? You bet. Not heard much/seen chernoylite. Will probably get it, but maybe later.