Question Ibuypower thermal paste applying

Jun 25, 2022
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So, I have an Ibuypower prebuilt pc and I decided to change the thermal paste, the problem is that the 4 screws are not at the same height that the cpu cooler so I can't screw them right away, which causes the cooler to slip on the paste, make up a mess and not expanding well.

I tried to use a magnet to rise the screws.
Any ideas?
Not sure what type of cooler youre dealing with. Photograph would help if you cant explain more then this.

Are you tightening the screws diagonally opposite one another snug and then finishing them off the same way so theyre just tight, without forcing them?

You can also use a credit card to spread out the thermal paste more evenly before you try to mount the cooler if everything else is impossible. Most important is that the pressure and contact to the CPU is even.

@BrianBoru as far as I know, a very high powered magnet like you might find in an MRI machine can wipe a mechanical drive but the type of magnets that you'd typically find in the home wont do anything bad to a PC. Feel free to cover your PC case in fridge magnets.
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