I7 with 2070?

Jun 14, 2020
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Hello guys! I just have a question:
Is the RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB (Windforce 3x) a good pair with the i7-8700K 3.2GHz?(might overclock the CPU)

I'm planning on using this PC for pretty intensive gaming ex.: GTA V, PUBG.

These are the main specs I'm having some trouble with, the rest of them are already figured out, 32 GB of RAM (I know, overkill, but I'd also like to futureproof a bit).

I'm asking because black friday is relatively near and I found a nice deal for this GPU, and it will be even nicer on black friday!
I'd dispute that 32gb RAM is 'futureproof' for gaming, in that by the time games benefit from it, the rest of your platform would be so out of date you'd get no benefit anyway. Unless you play some very niche games (generally simulations, not GTA, PUBG, etc)

The question isn't whether a 2070 is a good match with your CPU, but rather is it a good match for your monitor - what resolution and refresh rate is it?

And what price is it? Because often the RTX 2070 is not worth it versus the RTX 2060 Super which effectively replaced it. Or another GPU. (Edit: Misread apparently, thought it was just a regular RTX 2070, not the Super)
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That's massive overkill for an entry level monitor. To the point of just being a real waste of cash - you're paying for horsepower you won't benefit from for a long time - and once it could be useful, newer, faster GPUs with new technologies will be out for the same or lower price points anyway.

Also by November (Black Friday), we're expecting to see a new generation of GPUs from both Nvidia and AMD.

You should plan for a new monitor, probably 1440p 144hz with adaptive sync, for a GPU of this class.
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