Question I wanna buy a laptop without any Coil Whine! (ASUS Rog Strix G18)

Apr 1, 2023
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Hi guys. I will cut this short.

I wanna buy a powerful laptop. I don't game much. I shoot short films and edit them. So i do rendering, sound design and editing as a main interest.

Everyone recommended me to buy a Macbook M1 or 2. But the problem is, they are expensive at 16 inch mark and i wan't to play the Silent Hill and Resident Evil remakes for sure...

I did lots of research and i finally decided to buy the ASUS Rog Strix G18 model. It has a large screen, powerful and supports my needs and interests.

And then i learned that many new gen gaming laptops have this coil whine problem... And turns out this model also has it too. Saw threads on Reddit. (You can google it.)

Am i gonna get this bad high frequency sound whenever i edit my film on DaVinci app or play a new game?

I watched videos on youtube where they recorded their coil whine noise and it really is terrible and unnerving.

So i am confused what to buy now. I can't believe such big companies produced laptops with terrible coil whine issue. It felt like a joke when i first read it, but it is weirdly real. How did they release these devices with this problem, weird!

Please recommend me an another laptop in the budget range of 1700- 2000 € .

I may buy the Macbook M1 afterall, i am confused.
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As far as I know coil whine is not something that every individual unit will get. You could just pick up the model you looked at and return it if there's an issue for you.

I've had graphics cards and PSU's that will do it occasionally when a game is on a menu and the FPS hits 1000's for example. Sometimes it stops doing it over time as well.

I dont know a lot about laptops though, so its possible its really prevalent in some models, but my general experience is as I said.
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