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Apr 23, 2022
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Hello, I want to get a new PC, and with a special case, the
Jonsbo MOD3-Grey/window Open-Air Full Tower Case.
I wanted to know all the parts of each category compatible with it, with a budget of 1.5k$, and if possible a RTX. Thanks.
I can say its def. possible to put RTX in it, something like an RTX 3060 , 3060ti or 3050. Full tower open air means anything is compatible in there as long as the motherboard and CPU are the same (AMD to AMD, Intel to Intel) and your psu is capable of handle the above mentioned cards, probably something aroung 650-750 watts should be ok, seeing as you have a 1,500 budget.
Make an account at PCpartPicker.com and fill in your components. It'll almost always warn you of mismatches.
Yeah, PCPartPicker is a must for anyone wanting to build. Every once in a while, the compatibility thing isn't completely accurate just because of sizes not fitting together. But it's usually the best resource for PC building. Good for finding the cheapest prices, too.
You actually get a big hint as to the sort of hardware you can stuff into the chassis just by looking at the specs of the case, as shown in this URL, here. Using that same page, you can see that the case can house standard ATX components;

FYI, going for a smaller form factor motherboard just to meet a budget is absurd when the case is clearly designed for people who don't have any budgetary limitations(in order to occupy the real-estate inside the case and make if worthy of showing off to the masses).


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