Question I have some issue with my ram

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I haven't played any of those games, but unless there's something unusual about one of them, you're fine. I don't think RAM usage has gone over 50% usage for me ever—altho of course it's something I don't monitor, since 16GB is very comfortable for playing (almost?) all modern games.

I have 16GB because I dip in and out of games in between doing other PC tasks. So I could have 2-3 browsers open, a spreadsheet, OneNote, Skype, text editor etc etc—so it's handy to leave the game open in the background ready for Alt-Tab.

I've heard it said that the upcoming Star Citizen might use 16GB or more, but that's probably for 4-8K play @ 144Hz at highest settings.

TLDR: Don't worry, not a problem.
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if you want to use all your ram, play Star Citizen, it will eat all you can give it. I know someone who uses 64gb to play that game.

I think its better to not use it all as then windows might slow down as it has to run off page file and that is way slower than ram, you would notice. PC will use more ram if it needs to.

As Brian said, this isn't a problem. Far from it.

looking elsewhere, problem might have been temps keeping his usage down as PC wasn't using more ram as it was getting too hot.
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