Question I have an issue with new monitor Aorus FI27Q (black dots dropping down vertically in the middle)

Sep 19, 2020
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First my pc.I have Gigabyte Rtx 3090 OC ( stock ) and 10850K stock ,32gb ram.

Issue is only on 1920x1080P with 165hz. On 1440P with 165mhz is fine. On 1920x1080P with 144hz is fine. On 1920x1080P with 165mhz i can see on screen small black dots flickering vertical.

If i wanna catch screen its not visible or clip. So i post screen and i added from paint. Just very small flickering black dots on vertical position. Happens only in 1080P with 165HZ. Visible on desktop too when i am very close.

somebody ( other person ) had the same issue with same monitor,link reddit:

It happens only in 1080P or below with 165hz. With 144hz 1080P is ok. 1440P 165hz its ok.
I am not happy with pc because of this. What should i do ? Ignore that or rma ? Somebody said that i must rma monitor even if doing that on non-native resolution.

When i am playing games on rtx 3090 on 1440P ( which is ok ) i am thinking about that i am not happy:(
I see specs say 1440p is the 'True Resolution', so I guess that's what it's meant to run at for best results.

If you don't have a big need to run at 1080p, I'd say ignore it and enjoy what looks to be a fine monitor.
i am thinking about that i am not happy
You have a fine monitor and a RTX 3090 in what sounds like a fine high-end system. Think happy thoughts :)
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