HP Omen Intel vs AMD

Jan 3, 2021
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Which one is better? They’re both similarly priced (the AMD is $100 more). The HP Omen 15.6 with an i7 and an RTX 2060 and 512g ssd or the same computer with a Ryzen 7 and a GTX 1660ti and 1TB ssd. Main use is gaming with a little editing/music software also. Just curious about how much of a difference there is between the 2060 and 1660ti. Thanks192.168.0.1
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Dec 7, 2020
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Sorry for a late reply on this.

PCGamer actually did a really in depth comparison on the two awhile back:

The TL;DR of it is that the RTX 2060 gives better performance than the GTX 1660 ti (not by a ton, but better performance none the less). If there's no price difference between the 2 machines (as a standalone part, the RTX 2060 costs a bit more), I'd purchase the one with an RTX 2060.


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