Question How to mount external USB hard drive under or behind (L) shaped Computer Desk

Sep 9, 2022
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I have (2) 1TB External USB Hard Drives I purchased from Walmart and there Toshibas and the issue I am having is the cables are about 6 inches long and they are not normal Micro USB or USB - C there something different. And I don't really want to replace the cables I am looking for a way to store the hard drives under the desk or a way to connect them to the back side of the desk. The desk is a (L) shaped desk with a monitor raiser that slides on one side or the other but I don't currently have it on the desk I don't use a monitor with a base I have a "Monitor Mount" so I was planing to use the "Monitor Raiser" for something else. I was thinking about placing my 32" TV on it and connecting my desktop to the TV and then connecting the hard drives to the desktop and then using the desktop as a media PC and having all my media on the (2) hard drives. But I don't want the 4"X4 or 5" black external hard drives just sitting on the desk. I want them out of sight.

I don't have extra shelves or anything like that. Dose anyone know of any kind of bracket that I can screw under the desk or attach to the desk some how and hide the hard drives.


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