Going to buy my first gaming PC need help

Sep 18, 2020
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So I'm going to buy a gaming desktop soon but i don't know anything about PC gaming or PC's in general really so I need you guys input on what I should get. I found a good looking desktop on ebay that the description for it says that it's a great starter gaming PC that can be used for streaming and stuff. These are the quick specs it includes in the description:

Intel Core i5 2nd gen
4 cores 4 threads
(4 logical Processors)

up to 3.1GHz Boost clock

8GB DDR3 Ram (1333Mhz-1600Mhz)

Nvidia Geforce gtx560

500GB Harddrive


uphere RGB Rainbow 120MM Fan

Gold magnetic side panel

For ease of use and
Upgrades and maintenance

Low Profile Slim USB
Wifi up to 150mbps+
(no Cables needed)

650 watt Power supply

So yeah that's the specs, dont know what any of it means but I just want to know if it can run games like The elder scrolls 4 (with mods) Skyrim SE, Mount and blade banner lord 2.... Those are the games I'm very interested in playing. So is it any good or no? And how hard is it to plug on of these to your TV?
Sep 18, 2020
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How much are they asking?
I built mine myself and feel like I got more for my money than getting a pre-built.
I kinda went a little nuts though. I think I hit a little over 3k.
Sep 18, 2020
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I mean, that's alot less than my GPU, so if you need something for right now, do it? But if you're trying to upgrade it, it wouldn't be worth it IMO.
Don't do it.

That PC has a GTX 560. Which struggled with Skyrim at higher settings (as in old Skyrim, nevermind SE with the increased performance requirements) back in 2011:

The hardware is also on the weak side for mount and blade bannerlord 2

If you're desperate for a PC and are willing to buy 2nd hand there are still better things you can get for the money. A popular choice is an old Dell office PC and putting a GTX 1650 in it.

But anything you buy for that money is going to be weak and will probably not give an ideal experience in SSE, especially with mods, or in Mount and Blade Bannerlord 2

I wouldn't buy it,
I'd generally try to avoid buying old hardware with no warranty that will give poor performance and could die at any minute too
If you had to, there would be better options.