How much time before having to upgrade?

Jun 14, 2020
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Hello, my question for today is in the title. How many years would need to pass so this PC would be struggling with the game standards and need an upgrade?


Other stuff that isn't told about in the picture:

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z590
PSU: Gigabyte 750W 80+ Gold
CPU Cooler: AIO, not sure what brand.

The ram runs at 3200MHz Quad-Channel.

I know this PC right now is very much capable of running all games at a pretty high frame rate, however I'm not sure about the thing I asked.
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game standards
Those are different for everyone, what does that phrase mean to you?

As @Why_Me alluded to, it mainly depends on:
What resolution you want to play at;
If you need highest visual settings, or not;
If you have a minimum FPS requirement.

For example, I'm fine with 1080p, medium/high settings, FPS not an issue. So my i7 7th-gen & 1060 6GB + non-NVMe SSD machine is doing just fine, and I won't look to upgrade at least until prices come back to 'normal', even if that's a couple of years away.

It helps that I have a wagon load of great older games to play, and almost never buy a title in its first year of release—sometimes waiting up to 5 years.
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Jul 23, 2021
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hei man, your from Romania? pls, do not buy Diaxxa ( Cel services who provide Diaxxa systems use awfull motherboards, psu and rams) also the guarntee politics its awfull! Try itd or something from pc Garage.

If ur not from Romania- dont buy Diaxxa builds- expensive and poor periferals to go wtih cpu/gpu


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