How many tv/movie services do you subscribe to?

As of right now the only ones i actively pay to use are Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (only because i have amazon prime). Anything else on different services i just torrent them offline. I know this isnt always the option for everyone, so how many do you pay for/use (including cable providers)?
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I haven't watched tv in um... about 10 years now. I have a tv, its not plugged in. I got sick of advertising and I can tell its only got worse from the little bit I have seen in recent years.
Not really interested in swapping a TV for my PC, so I am ignoring all the streaming services and Netflix.
I have rejected the entire idea of legacy media. Let them die :)
I don't watch movies, more likely to watch people play games than anything made in a while now.
I got sick of advertising and I can tell its only got worse from the little bit I have seen in recent years.
Amen to that. I got rid of my last TV many years ago for that very reason. Advertising has just gotten overly aggressive in the past few years in all forms of media. Corporate mind washing is my conspiracy theory.

But to @DXCHASE 's question, I only subscribe to Amazon Prime, and the main reason for that was because of the free 2-day shipping, which has now disintegrated into just free shipping with only an estimated arrival date. But I do like movies, and when I do watch a movie I stream it to my PC's monitor. Thier selection of "Free for Prime Members" movies varies from month to month, but overall I'm fairly happy with it. I don't appreciate them trying to stuff some of their "Amazon Originals" in my face though, as I haven't been impressed with the content of those particular movies.

I have considered Netflix, mainly to watch the Witcher series, but thus far I've avoided that.
I got sick of advertising
There's advertising on TV still? Huh…

Apart from sport, we watch TV shows every evening at dinner. There was one a few months ago which had ads—so yeah, they still linger in places—but well over 95% of what we watch doesn't have ads. I don't mean skip them, I mean they're not there.

more likely to watch people play games
Are there no ads in those, assuming Twitch or YouTube? I don't watch gameplay other than a short first look at what a game is like.
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So i was subscribed to a "cable cutter" app called Sling. And i can for sure tell you there are still a TON of tv adds lol and if the adds arent working it will just say "sling commercial break" during the "commercials". It was maddening
The issue here is most cable companies wont give you top tier download speeds without having a cable TV package.


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Google Fiber has TV but they were signaling that they plan to get rid of it, so I switched it to YouTube TV. (If you call "we will send you two free Chromecasts and two Nest routers if you stop paying us for our TV service" signaling.)

I'm not sure what aggressive advertising is supposed to mean? The content of advertisements now is mostly just "pretty people who are really happy using our product." Occasionally you'll get "funny person who uses our product" or "average people who are happy using our product." If you're very lucky, they may sprinkle a few vague claims, like "20% more cargo space" (with no hint as to what it's bigger than unless you pause it and read the tiny type).
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In Australia, we have free to air tv, its not cable... those exist but weren't the standard way most watched. Streaming probably caught up now but I had stopped caring years before.

So most of the channels use advertising to survive, and the length of add breaks and number of adverts in each is just stupid now. Or was 2 years ago which is last time I watched for more than 5 minutes.

There were 2 channels on free to air that had no advertising but they Govt run. It got to stage I was watching 2 shows a week, and then one year they took one of them off, and I didn't care enough for the other to keep watching any TV. I could find it on Youtube anyway. Now all channels use advertising, even the govt funded ones. Have to show their adverts to an increasingly shrinking audience... more adverts, less shows. Shows cost money, if people don't watch your channel, you become an advertorial channel. GL with that.
We have Xfinity for cable television. All I ever watch is University of Tennessee football and basketball. Well, occasionally, I'll watch a show if my brother is in it. Maybe once or twice a month my wife will watch ID channel.

We have Netflix and Amazon, which are highly utilized by my wife and kids.

And I threatened to move my cellular service and they gave me Disney+ and HuluPlus for free. I think my family uses the Disney one, but not the HuluPlus one.
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Jul 25, 2022
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12 right now but some are free subscriptions and some are on the chopping block. Those just don't have enough current or upcoming content for me to want to pay for them anymore. I think over the next few years we'll see a number of streaming services merge, get bought by competitors, or just fold completely.
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I have a TV licence for the BBC which also brings me iPlayer which I use. I also have ITV Hub and All4 - both "free" but you have adverts to watch. After that I have Amazon Prime or more correctly my wife has it for the tennis but I watch various series and films.

On occasion I have subscribed to Netflix (1 month), NowTV (2 months - forgot to cancel the subscription) and Disney Plus (1 month). Also had Apple TV+ (for 3 months) because my wife had a new iPad. Will circle around these 4 and probably Paramount+ sometime in the near future.

Not sure I like the idea of less competition - tends to lead to higher prices. Though at the moment everything leads to higher prices.
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