House of the dead

May 12, 2022
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Do you remember House of The Dead ?
one of my all-time favorite game was House of the Dead how many people out there remember this game if you're old or young and you got a thirst for shooting games or killing zombies I highly recommend this game.
Steam just released a House of the Dead Remake, get it on sale though, they want 25 for it, its worth more towards it sale price. But yes, i for sure recommend playing it. Loved the HoTD series and have fond memories of beating them in the arcade, well the first 2 anyways.
yeah i played the original house of the dead on the pc using a mouse. The remake... i dunno something about it feels off. i would have increased the seriousness of the tone and the rag doll physics just don't really impress me.

On a side none, the typing of the dead was quite inspired.
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Jun 13, 2022
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I remember playing House of the Dead 2 specifically almost every week with my dad. It was the only zombie game that I didn’t feel scared at all. I think the arcady effects make it all feel so gamey rather than scary.
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