Aug 10, 2020
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Hey, guys i need some help...

Some of my games wont lauch (steam)

I try to run them, but some will open the anti-cheat loading screen and the game wont start, others as HOI4 will open pdx laucher, but from there it wont start too... i have formated my computer twice and the problem wont go away...

And some games will normaly start... i cant figure out what`s going on...

I have updated the GPU Drivers already...

Games wont start:



Post Scriptum

Isurgency Sandstorm

Europa Universalis

Games working normaly:



Mount and Blade Bannerlord



SW Battlefront 2 (Classic)

Total War Attila, Warhammer 2, Empire...

Aug 10, 2020
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When you say you formatted the PC twice, what exactly did you do, step by step?

Do all those games use the same anti-cheat mechanism? Or different ones?

Do you have Controlled Folder Access enabled?
Hey, thanks for responding!

I followed the step by step here:

They use different ones

HOI4 PDX Laucher

Squad Easy Anti Cheat

Post Scriptum Easy Anti Cheat

Isurgency Sandstorm (not sure)

Europa Universalis (PDX Laucher)

edit: tryed starting DAI OF INFAMY GAME: Battle eye anti cheat showed this: 19:35:53: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\d3d9.dll".
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That's not actually 'formatting' a PC (despite what they call it). If it's a broken Windows installation, software, or driver issue, a reset may not actually fix the problem.

You could try a clean Windows install as per:
Which is where you actually format the drive the operating system is on, getting rid of all traces of it, then install a new, fresh version. All files would also be removed so back these up first. Once Windows is installed, let it handle all driver installation. Don't install any drivers yourself, or any software except for 1 game client e.g. Steam and 1 game to see if it works.

You may want to try other things first like checking CFA as above first.