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  1. Hveðrungr

    Steam Next Fest June 2024

    What demos are you trying in this Next Fest? Here's my list, in no particular order: Parcel Corps Glyphica: Typing Survival Warlords of the Deck Once Upon a Rogue's Tale Songs of Steel: Hispania Metal Slug Tactics Silence of the Siren Zephon Bloomtown: A Different Story Keylocker Handmancers...
  2. Konquerah

    STEAM (Remote Gaming)

    Hey there, I kind of have a two part query. Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated with this. Part One. - If you've got STEAM setup on your gaming PC, can this be accessed as a form of remote gaming via a MacBook Air? (If yes, would the MacBook need a Virtual Machine running...
  3. StoneGreninja

    Steam Desktop Update Beta

    This looks good but I haven't downloaded it yet. It reminds me of the Xbox overlay on Windows 11. I've also had the same Steam in-game overlay for what feels like thirteen years, so this is a welcome update. Is anyone on here using the beta client?
  4. Zloth

    More Steam Review Thoughts - Alaloth's News Item pointed out this interesting news bit from Alaloth's devs that got me thinking a lot. "Devs said it was inspired by Baldur's Gate but it's not Baldur's Gate": actually, they say that Baldur's Gate and Dark Souls had a baby. REALLY REALLY not the same thing, IMHO. In the...
  5. dorituz

    Help please (steam)

    Hey, guys i need some help... Some of my games wont lauch (steam) I try to run them, but some will open the anti-cheat loading screen and the game wont start, others as HOI4 will open pdx laucher, but from there it wont start too... i have formated my computer twice and the problem wont go...
  6. Dinokaiser

    What games demos did you play from the GDC/Steam festival?

    Hello! Since the GDC/Steam crossover event is over I was curious what people thought of the games, I played 9 of them and to my surprise I liked most of them! Here are the ones I tried with my thoughts on them 1) Tunche: A old school beat em up with a really nice art style. I really like the...
  7. Dinokaiser

    What did you think of the GDC/Steam Festival event?

    Hello! This is my first post on the forum, hi. Since no one is talking about it I am very curious what people actually thought of the GDC/Steam festival event (I'll open a seperate thread about the actual games themselves as I have a lot to say about em). I thought the idea was a brilliant one...
  8. StoneGreninja

    Garou: Mark of the Wolves on Steam was replaced with the PS4 port among other enhancements

    Game now has rollback netplay, which is great whether you're a few miles apart or between regions. It runs at 60 frames per second this time as well. While not my favorite entry in the Fatal Fury series (Real Bout 2: The Newcomers), it's really fun and not a bad addition to anyone's Steam library.
  9. StoneGreninja

    Favorite canon or dream match team in a King of Fighers game released on Steam

    What's your favorite canon or dream match team in a KOF game on Steam right now? I like the '97 Special team in '97 GM, '98 UM FE and 2002 UM with Billy, Mary and Yamazaki. Everyone gets a counter attack move plus they're all Fatal Fury characters.