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    Assassins Creed Odyssey
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    Assassins Creed Odyssey
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    Assassins Creed Odyssey
  4. StoneGreninja

    Steam Desktop Update Beta

    This looks good but I haven't downloaded it yet. It reminds me of the Xbox overlay on Windows 11. I've also had the same Steam in-game overlay for what feels like thirteen years, so this is a welcome update. Is anyone on here using the beta client?
  5. 2022 on Steam (up to Dec 14)

    2022 on Steam (up to Dec 14)

  6. Zloth

    More Steam Review Thoughts - Alaloth's News Item pointed out this interesting news bit from Alaloth's devs that got me thinking a lot. "Devs said it was inspired by Baldur's Gate but it's not Baldur's Gate": actually, they say that Baldur's Gate and Dark Souls had a baby. REALLY REALLY not the same thing, IMHO. In the...
  7. OrderedByWhat


  8. dorituz

    Help please (steam)

    Hey, guys i need some help... Some of my games wont lauch (steam) I try to run them, but some will open the anti-cheat loading screen and the game wont start, others as HOI4 will open pdx laucher, but from there it wont start too... i have formated my computer twice and the problem wont go...
  9. Dinokaiser

    What games demos did you play from the GDC/Steam festival?

    Hello! Since the GDC/Steam crossover event is over I was curious what people thought of the games, I played 9 of them and to my surprise I liked most of them! Here are the ones I tried with my thoughts on them 1) Tunche: A old school beat em up with a really nice art style. I really like the...
  10. Dinokaiser

    What did you think of the GDC/Steam Festival event?

    Hello! This is my first post on the forum, hi. Since no one is talking about it I am very curious what people actually thought of the GDC/Steam festival event (I'll open a seperate thread about the actual games themselves as I have a lot to say about em). I thought the idea was a brilliant one...
  11. StoneGreninja

    Garou: Mark of the Wolves on Steam was replaced with the PS4 port among other enhancements

    Game now has rollback netplay, which is great whether you're a few miles apart or between regions. It runs at 60 frames per second this time as well. While not my favorite entry in the Fatal Fury series (Real Bout 2: The Newcomers), it's really fun and not a bad addition to anyone's Steam library.
  12. StoneGreninja

    Favorite canon or dream match team in a King of Fighers game released on Steam

    What's your favorite canon or dream match team in a KOF game on Steam right now? I like the '97 Special team in '97 GM, '98 UM FE and 2002 UM with Billy, Mary and Yamazaki. Everyone gets a counter attack move plus they're all Fatal Fury characters.