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  1. K

    Question How to fix communication error on Discord?

    Hi, last night I got encountered an error code and somehow I manage to fix that error but today while attempting to turn-on communication/voice-chat feature on discord I go this "RTC connecting" message, and from that time I won't able to communicate discord with my friends. Somebody help me...
  2. S

    Question something went on Nvidia geforce

    Hl everyone, is any know how to fix Nvidia geforce experience error code 0*003 because I experience this error to last two days. plz leave a reply if anyone know about this error.
  3. dorituz

    Help please (steam)

    Hey, guys i need some help... Some of my games wont lauch (steam) I try to run them, but some will open the anti-cheat loading screen and the game wont start, others as HOI4 will open pdx laucher, but from there it wont start too... i have formated my computer twice and the problem wont go...
  4. G

    Why is skrim the only game to be unplayable on my pc?

    View: Happens throughout the whole game. Completely unplayable and would love help in fixing this.