HELP! PC hardware problem.

I'm getting this problem, I'm gaming and the screen feezes. Nothing works, and can't even Ctrl+Alt+Delete to shut game down.
I have to switch the PC off and thankfully it loaded normally. That's happened twice in two days.

If I go to my Reliability monitor it shows Critical event>hardware error>live kernal event>code 193

Does anyone know what that means? And is there anything I can do to fix the problem?

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I ran through the fixes. Haven't tested it in game yet. I now can't connect to my sound card. but luckily have a spare external one.
I've tried everything to get sound card working incl unplugging it. It lights up so it's got power, but keep getting No Audio device detected when loading software. It is an old Recon 3D .

I have a feeling it might be the problem, weird audio sound when game froze.

PC problems AAAAH!
its getting a little old
newest drivers are from 2015

it might have been the cause. things don't last forever.

audio sounds at freeze doesn't necessarily mean its audio to blame, drivers do weird things if they crash.
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Yes I definitely run things until their last gasp. The weird thing is the Sound Blaster 3D shows up in the Device Manager(says it's working properly) but the software doesn't recognise it. Uninstalled software and reinstalled, same problem. Disconnected power, reconnected, etc. I have that problem before but have forgotten fix.

It's good to have a few spare components, even if it just helps you until you can upgrade.

I must say I like the EVGA guarantees, for a small fee they extend cover on graphics card to 7 years. Even sent me the new one(better) before I returned one that had stopped.

It's just that initial panic when your PC freezes and it looks dire.