Help needed with motherboard and case....

Oct 5, 2023
Hi, I recently bought a "Gigabyte B365M DS3H M-ATX Motherboard" and wanted to turn it into a simple server with an i7-9700T, etc.. I'm trying to find a case/chassis that lays down horizontally instead of vertically like a tower. How do I know which cases/chassis would be compatible with this motherboard? I was looking at the "In-Win CK709 Micro-ATX S.F.F. Slim Chassis" or something similar to this style of case, but not sure if everything will line up right. What's the best way to know for sure other than buying them and testing them?
Looks like that motherboard only has one M2 slot, and 6 SATA. So you can at least control 1 NVME drive and 6 SATA drives. You would need to get a case that would fit that many. Silverstone used to make bigger HTPC cases.

Or maybe Fractal Design

Been a while since I was thinking about HTPC's so there might be a lot of other options by now. You would need to work out how many drives you wanted, and check the specs to see if theres enough drive cages or mounts depending on whether you wanted SATA SSDs or hard drives.


The case you are looking at only has space for 1 normal sized 3.5 inch hard drive, or 2x 2.5 inch SATA SSD's or laptop hard drives.
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not sure if everything will line up right

For general compatibility checking, put your parts list in at
However, they don't check some things like dimensions—see the disclaimer under your parts list—so may not answer your question.

2.5 inch SSD's can be mounted anywhere they will fit with velcro tape or similar

Similar, huh? Like, say, a magnet?
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Similar, huh? Like, say, a magnet?
Its actually a good point to bring up, two things.

Household magnets arent powerful enough to damage hard drives, and I'm pretty sure you'll find most if not all SATA SSDs have plastic case housing anyway.
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