Question Help find the game, please.

Feb 20, 2022
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So the game is quite old (I played it in 2006-2008). - It's a third person view game and the view is from above.
- You had to drive a car and kill enemy's cars. The main hero was like a western white (or Mexican) guy in a singlet with some tattoos. He had middle length hair and serious looking face. The game story was presented like comics and all you had to do was drive a car and shoot from the windows the other (enemy's) cars.
- The very first car you drove was yellow Volkswagen Beetle.
- With time, you changed car and used different guns (grenades and launchers as well).
- There was a mission with a boss on a red car with black (or white) racing stripes. He was a tough one cause he had some team.
- I remember there was also a lady that the main hero saves...

I wish I could find it