Need help finding this 90s/2000s educational PC game!

Dec 16, 2022
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[WINDOWS PC] [1990s/early 2000s] educational/children’s game with laundry sorting and vhs tapes

Platforms: Windows/PC
Genre: First person, educational/children’s, point and click
Estimated year of release: 1990-2000
Graphics/art style: simple, bright, cartoon, more modern style cartoons, there was a cartoony map view and you entered into cartoon style houses but sometimes there would be real-life clips/videos inserted
Notable characters: animal characters who talked/guided you, one (I think was a bunny) had the catchphrase “that’s the way the cookie crumbles” when you got something wrong, I don’t think you ever see the character you’re playing as
Notable gameplay mechanics: a slide puzzle, separating laundry by darks and lights, sorting vhs tapes

Other details: I played this game around the years 98-00 but I’m pretty sure it was older when I played it.
There was a map that you would go to different houses from to play the games, for the vhs and laundry sorting but I don’t think we ever traveled by car or anything, you just kind of clicked into the houses.
You had a bunch of vhs tapes you had to put in the right slot, I think alphabetically, in one of the houses. The video tapes would play clips of real life videos/home videos, I mainly remember lines from it like when you sorted the vhs tapes there was a clip that played “where’s the beef?” and that I could never get past the slide puzzle lol There was a different animal hosting the laundry sorting game, I think a hippo or elephant? Definitely a lady animal though.
There was another part where one of the main characters you're helping ties a string (I'm pretty sure a red string) around his finger and you see it, to help him remember something, but he always forgot what he was trying to remember.
I think there were different modes you could play on also but when the houses took you to different games there were two options, like you could play the puzzle then a 'free-play' type thing after you solve it.