Having trouble with Graphics Rendering

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Sep 20, 2021
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I have had my PC for about a week now and I’ve only been playing Warzone and PUBG so far. I got a CyberPower Gamer Supreme PC which is certainly not one of the absolute best PCs but it’s not close to the worst either. I’m no expert but it seems like a good middle ground starter PC and the reviews were great and all of the components met or exceeded requirements to perform at a pretty high level.

PUBG is looking absolutely stunning compared to when I played it on PS4. Everything is smooth and crisp and everything renders perfect and that certainly was not the case on console. However, Warzone is the opposite. While I’m getting around 130-140 FPS on the game and running settings that other people are recommending, there are a lot of things that are not rendering well at all. Especially in the forest areas on Verdansk.

Starting at around 70 meters, trees and bushes look absolutely terrible on my PC and sometimes the ground even looks bad. All this rendered fine on PS4 or at least much better. I’m playing on the same monitor as I played my PS4 on which has a 165 refresh rate.

Hope I can get some tips or solutions here because it’s really frustrating spending nearly $1800 for a downgrade from my PS4 which I bought the year it came out. This PC came out this year and the AMD Raedon software is all up to date.
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