Has underclocking killed my gpu

Nov 25, 2021
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I've been having a few issues with my r9 390x - random crashes to black screen requiring a hard reset.
I've done loads to try to figure out what the issue might be, but with no luck. My best guess was something to do with vram.
Anyway, I've tried underclocking before to see if that helps, and while at first it seemed to help a little, the crashes still happen.

Today I thought I'd really test to see if I could get stability without crashing and so went for a big memory underclock. I know that over clocking is risky and must be done carefully and gradually, but NOTHING I've read anywhere indicates any risk with underclocking, as it's a natural part of the card's behavior.

So I underclocked down from 1500 to about 1100 and the screen started flickering and distorting. So I went back up to stock to see if it went away. It did. Surprised by this effect, I did the same again to see if I'd get the same instability.

This time, however, the screen went black and the monitor went to standby mode (very similarly to the crashes Is been having).
Oops, I thought, better reboot and leave it at stock. Unfortunately I can no longer get a response from the card. It powers on, but I can't get any image from it. Is underclocking actually as dangerous as overclocking? Or is this just a result of having a faulty card in the first place?
Thanks in advance.