Has anyone heard of this PC?

Jan 21, 2020
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I still can't believe I found this, I was just browsing Amazon and this thing popped up.


Now I've seen small PC's before but this is almost like Intel Nuc level of small.

Specs for this thing is pretty wild, besides the GPU.

ProcessorIntel Core i7-9700KF, 8 Cores, 8 Threads, Base 3.60 GHz, Max 4.90 GHz
Dedicated GraphicsGTX1660S 6GB
RAMDual DDR4-2666 slots, support max 64GB(32GB*2). - 32GB Configuration
Hard Drive1*M2 2280 NVME SSD, support to add two 2.5inch SATA HDD/SSD.
Network1*RJ-45 Network Ethernet, built-in Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1, support Gigabit Wireless Network.
Video Outputs1*HDMI, 1*DisplayPort, 1*DVI. Triple display capable.
Package ContentsMini Computer, Power Adapter, Power Cord, Bracket, Wi-Fi Antennas

The price for this one is pretty steep but if you want a small decent gaming, graphic and video editing machine you could go with this.


I just think that these mini-pcs are starting to get insane, I know Intel has a few Nucs that are a little bigger than this and can house RTX 4070 and RX 6700 XT cards some how...but man this is crazy.
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